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I need your help

Fundraising for Katya Vinogradova

I need your help

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Oksana and Vyacheslav Vinogradov are raising funds for the treatment of their daughter Katya, who has second degree spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Katya Vinogradova was born on September 1, 2017. The girl's birth condition was satisfactory.

At the age of 1 year and 3 months Katya was able to get up on her legs, but she couldn’t sit down by herself and the support on her legs was weak. Katya was observed at a health care facility in Kobrin. The doctors talked only about the baby's weak muscle tone, prescribed massages, exercise therapy, but there were no improvements. Time passed, and Katya only got worse. And then at the age of 2 the parents got worried and went to Minsk for examination on their own. At the age of 2 years and 3 months, right before the New Year, in the Republican Scientific and Practical Center “Mother and Child” on the basis of a genetic examination, the baby was diagnosed with a very terrible diagnosis - second-degree spinal muscular atrophy. Then the parents understood why no treatment had helped their daughter. This is a terrible disease that gradually eats up all muscles and takes away all strength. If Katie does not receive these medications, she will completely lose all motor functions.

Katya currently can sit, stand with support, walk 3-4 steps. She eats with a spoon by herself, but she needs help. She likes to play with children, draw, ride on a swing. Katya is a very smart and sociable girl.

There are already three effective therapies in the world today: Zolgensma (onasemnogene abeparvovec), Spinraza (nusinersen), and Evrysdi (risdiplam)). And they are available to SMA patients from many countries, but not in the Republic of Belarus.

Parents have opened a collection for the drug "Zolgensma", one injection of which will save Katie's life and motor functions.

Katya's parents hope that they will be able to collect the required amount and will be grateful for any financial and informational assistance provided.



Top up mts balance +375 (29) 532-69-98

You can also top up your balance from anywhere in the world to the MTS number +375 (29) 532-69-98

2. Charitable accounts


- Belarusian rubles - BY34AKBB31340000206931120113

- US dollars - BY19AKBB31340000206941120113

- euro - BY86AKBB31340000206961120113

- Russian rubles - BY04AKBB31340000206951120113


- Belarusian rubles - BY41BAPB31340000000000345236

- US dollars - BY96BAPB31340000000000345313

- euro - BY74BAPB31340000000000345418

- Russian rubles - BY74BAPB31340000000000345511


- Belarusian rubles - BY13BLBB34141200000003916851

- US dollars - BY13BLBB31341200000003925934

You can make a charitable payment both at the bank institutions and through the service "Free payment (payment by bank details)" in self-service stalls, Internet banking and M-banking.

Contact phone of mom, Oksana Vinogradova: +375 29 841 10 23

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+375 29 611-57-03

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