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History of Dasha


I want to share my life story, when absolute strangers gave me incredible help, support, care, understanding, which I did not find from my relatives and friends. Of course, I did not sit idly by, and did not kill myself in my difficult situation,  I was looking for ways to deal with it, to find the  right decision, I asked for help, and then these people appeared in my life, for which I am very grateful! At the age of 18, I became pregnant, although at that time my health was worse than just bad, I was in constant pain, it was connected with complications from my illness from childhood. Our doctors immediately told me that I went crazy, that if I keep the child, my internal organs may refuse, and the child can be born inferior, with violations. And they made it clear that if not now, then I will never have children again. This terrified me, and there was no help from anyone.

My mother raised me alone, financial situation was poor, and to my 18 years, she did not like everything in my life: the company, the choice of a girlfriend, the choice of a guy, etc. She's just tired of my illnesses, hospitals and has shielded herself from all this, ceasing to communicate with me.

Dasha on vacation with her daughter

My boyfriend, the father of the child, at that time did not have much desire and need for a child, and did not have the desire to work, to create a family. Soon he was put in prison, so I understood that there will be no help and support from this side either. The choice and decision-making were put on me alone and then I began to think that I was a disabled person of the 2nd group, with no job, lived on one pension, there is no support. I lived at my mother's apartment and one day I was persistently instructed to quickly get out of the dwelling and arrange my personal life separately. But there was no one to build it with and nowhere else. Then, in gynecology, I got a booklet with the contacts of the Mother's Support Center for Family and Motherhood for the preservation of life, and there it was written about support and help in making a decision.

I decided to call there and get at least help and advice from a psychologist, because I did not understand what to do. After I turned, doors opened before me. They made me  understand that I was not alone, even 9 months later I was not be alone. Throughout the pregnancy, I received help any advice from the Center's specialists regarding the issues of pregnancy management, information collection, psychological support.

And very important help was the material support for the purchase of expensive medicines so that I would go out and bear the child. I did all this and even more, after meeting with a group of not indifferent people - the team of the Institution "Fate and Hope".

After the birth, I was visited, brought all the necessary things like medicines, food from people I did not know. And they helped me only because I asked them for help! In the future, in any difficult situation, I knew where I could call, and where on any question I will find the answer and will be assisted.

For now, my difficult situations are over and I overcame them with the help of these people. My daughter is 4 years old, she was born completely healthy girl. The state of my health after giving birth has improved. After legal consultations, I managed to get from our state a social apartment for disability. We live with my daughter together in my apartment and I will never be alone again.

Ask for help, do not be silent, do not close yourself and your difficulties, and someone will certainly respond and help!

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