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History of Anna

Anna and David

"As I sometimes want to dissolve in a city where everything is already desert and like an angel fly so that not everyone can see you. BUT, there are eyes that are given. Flying over the multichronous crowd, all you are looking for is your help. Without bending under anything, and not believing in no one at all, because we ourselves are the culprits of everything!

After all, from the first days of the hospital to the end we must be people and remember, though something in life is switching, misfortune or misfortune, it's easier for us to admit that only God is guilty, and we are in part. And we begin .... Why is born ... that would die?

Looking at the starry sky, I still want to believe that someone will save us, people who do not know who to believe ... "Anna

In the moments of desperation, I wrote these lines, sitting in the colony.

In the depths of my soul I believed and knew that no matter what, if I do anything myself, then one day I will succeed.

In the moments of despair I wrote these lines when I tried to go against the system, when I was denied a hundred times, no matter what door I knocked.

Oh, God, if I only did I know that there are people who care ...

Yes, my mistake was that I did not understand the law and did not know that there are organizations, people and I am not alone in the whole world.

It was easier for me to give up, probably to lower my head and my hands and then roll into the abyss..

Nothing can be changed! Then it seemed to me that I began to live like many people, leaving problems, dependence, drugs and alcohol.

Without emotion, like a zombie, no matter day or night, spring or summer. There was not any sense in living ...

Pain and disappointment filled my heart. And how much it would last I couldn’t even imagine, if  they did not support and gave the opportunity to get on my feet.

David and Bogdan

God sent me such people whom I had not met before, selfless and merciful.

I live in Baranovichi, and we do not have such kind of volunteers and organizations. But, God works miracles, and so it happened to me.

Due to the fact that I was already a duty person, they did not want to give my newborn baby David.  The reasons were unsuitable conditions for the child and my past. The forecasts were that he would be taken away. With fear I return to the memories of the events of that hard time.

I already applied to the Matulia Family and Maternity Support Center, where I was given help - baby clothes, basic necessities for a child, a baby crib.

My story has miraculously reached other people who can help legally and financially. I still remember that phone ring. I just returned from the commission on the affairs of minors, where I still wasn’t allowed to take my baby from the hospital. At that time, I was given the conditions that they would give an extract from the hospital only if I refused all the documents collected for the child-a residence permit, a certificate, all that I made out, until I was released from the hospital with a child.

Suddenly a woman called me and asked about my situation. And from that moment on, my whole life began to change.

After the telephone discussion, I acted as I was recommended. I carried the documents not to them, but to where it should be - at the place of my work.

I got money, rented an apartment, prepared for the next commission, where we were finally allowed to go home. It was the first victory of my life! Everyone knew that I was supported by a group of people, volunteers, and that all actions of local specialists should now be legally true otherwise everything could be appealed.

Anna and the children

With the discharge all was not over, but it just started ... The demountable housing was not liftable for me. I was helped by the team of the Institution "Fate and Hope" from Minsk, they paid for completely removable housing and everything that David needed - medicines, a stroller. This was all done, even though I never saw the people who helped me. We always talked on the phone. It touched me to the depths of my soul, I realized that I had to move like a tank, only forward, that I had a chance to understand the past, to establish the real ones and get the bright future that I once was afraid to even dream about.

For a year now, as I returned home, to my parents' apartment where there was once a devastation. I was helped to pay debts on the apartment, repair it and buy necessary furniture.

Currently, I withdrew from the drug addiction. My family was removed from SOP and now we are trying together to return my eldest son Bogdan. And I believe that I will return it.

I will start to help mothers who have motivation and desire to change their lives, and do not wait like me for so many years.

If you are in a difficult situation, you need to ask for help and you will get it.

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