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History Oksana


I was born healthy. At seven years for unknown reasons, I got fever and after the illness I stopped walking. Later, doctors have put me on feet, but that health have not returned any more. Over the years, I'm weakening more and more.

I was lucky with my family, for me, my parents are the best parents in the world!

My father told me about my mother: "I would not give your mother to anyone." For my dad, I and my mother were the meaning of life. Only when I was 28, my father was gone - he had a stroke.

My mother and I were alone and lived in a fog. It did not seem real to exist together. By that time I could not take care of myself physically (I could not even turn over myself at night), my mother was my hands and feet.

My dream was to become a programmer, because I can only press the keys and think. So about five years ago my mother and I bought a computer for me, and I began to study the creation of sites, Web-design.

About two years ago I saw a program on TV (our national Belarusian channel), where a man, a boarding employee, addressed to relatives of people who can not take care of themselves. He asked: "Do not give up lying relatives to us, because they live with us for a year and a half." We do not have the necessary personnel to take care for lying people. "

I understood that if I was taken to a boarding school, they would put me down and if I scream, no one will come up. This is so scary. It is very painful to lie in one position without the ability to turn - this is torture, as in a concentration camp. If you want to go to the toilet, it is your problems.

One man, a friend of our family, got into a boarding school and begged his relatives: "Take me from this slaughterhouse."

In general, I realized that a boarding school for me is death.

My mother and I lived without father for 13 years. December 16, 2016, my mother was gone.

I was always afraid of this moment. This is the border before and after, where life will never be like it used to be ...

When my mother died, my and my mother's friends helped me. They spent the night with me, provided me with care and helped in everything. But it could not continue so endlessly. My mother's friends were old and had weak health, and all my friends worked, they had their own family concerns.

And then I began to knock on all the doors: I wrote on the Internet, called, told my situation and asked for help.

This was my last chance to remain at large and live!

For half a year after the death of my mother, I met a lot of wonderful people - specialists and volunteers from various public organizations responded: The institution for rendering assistance in a difficult life situation «Fate and Hope», the Social Charitable Public Association «Genom», «Office for the Rights of People with Disabilities», Religious Charitable Mission «Caritas». I never knew them, neither did they. I thought that this happens only in movies.

Now I have a job, I do site maintenance. I go through labor rehabilitation.

I have a free nurse and social worker from social protection - this is the merit of lawyers. I collected money for an electric hoist to simplify physical care. They help me to create conditions for a full life.

I still have problems, but I live in my apartment, do my favorite thing, I am surrounded by wonderful people!

I want to say Thank you very much to all of you!

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