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Floristic workshops: “A lot of flowers, like at the premiere”

establishment "Fate and Hope"

Floristic workshops: “A lot of flowers, like at the premiere”

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The festive mood, the joy of creativity, heartfelt communication and the gentle breath of spring - all this included the atmosphere of floral workshops on April 2, 3 and 4. Families raising children with disabilities, people living in a psycho-neurological boarding school, and those who wished to spend their time in an exciting activity took part in creative activities.


- The institution of assistance in a difficult life situation "Fate and Hope."

- Library number 21 of Minsk.

- State institution “Territorial Center of Social Services for the Population of the Soviet District of Minsk” (ODPI).

Workshop on candy floristics “Flowers-compliments” (April 2) was held by Kozentsova Victoria, a mother of many children who also brings up a child with peculiar psychophysical development.

Feedbacks from participants:

Maxim (9 years old): “I decided to go to the workshop on candy floristics to make a gift for my music teacher. My mom and brother Anton went to the library where this workshop was held. At first we made boxes for candy roses, I got everything very quickly. Then the teacher said that she would attach the petals as we are too young and may burn ourselves with a hot glue. I was not offended. But I asked to let me try to work with this glue gun. I was allowed under the supervision of my mother. There was a line to the pistol, and I even managed to drink tea. But I waited, and was very pleased that I made a beautiful rose. I learned and now I can make such flowers and give them as presents. I really liked it!”

Anton (9 years old): “I was at workshop on candy flowers. It was cool! I made a basket, a willow twig and rosebuds. When I put everything together, it turned out a bouquet. I'll give my bouquet to my dad, he will come soon and bring me a bicycle”.

Natalya (mom): “I attended the workshop because my children really wanted to make candy-floral gifts: one son wanted to please the music teacher, another wanted to create a gift for the father (who will soon arrive from Moscow). I was not going to “create” at all, because I always thought that I was not talented enough. However, Victoria explained so interestingly that I did not notice how I got involved in the process and that I had already made a wonderful sprig of willow! The next item was a rose. To be honest, I worked with a glue gun for the first time, and I never thought that glueing paper petals for a candy rose was such an exciting experience! That was great! Now I just need to continue and create something equally remarkable. Thanks to Victoria for her awakened interest in creativity!”

Maria (mother): “We attended workshop on candy floristics together with my daughter. I loved the event. This is a good opportunity to escape from everyday life, to spend time with your child, create unusual things in creative tandem. The atmosphere was friendly, everyone helped each other, shared their experiences. It was cool!”

Nastya (14 years old): “I really liked it. I learned a lot for myself. It was always interesting how the masters make such beautiful bouquets with sweets. It was a hard work. It would be interesting to learn and correct mistakes. It is also suitable for gifts to relatives and friends”.

Alyona (19 years old): “I really liked the workshop. I had really good time there. The atmosphere was cosy. Even I, a shy person, felt very comfortable. It was easy to communicate and easy to learn. Candy flowers turned out to be interesting, pleasant, and everything turned out very beautiful. The most difficult thing is to keep and not eat candy! All this is a very beautiful, tasty and bright gift for loved ones”.

Workshops “Spring motifs” (April 3 and 4) were conducted by professional florist Julia Antuh: “For the first time was decided to held the workshop with fresh flowers when you can not find it in the streets. We made bouquets out of them. This workshop was unexpected for us because we were donated the huge number of flowers so that we could not limit ourselves to imagination, and the flowers remained for another workshop.

Floristics inspired not only the participants, but also the workers of boarding house. People were not afraid to make mistakes and use inner vision.

I think that we have reached our goal: it is a lot of joy, smiles, an expression of our creative abilities, communication. I think that such workshops will be repeated and I hope that they will be inclusive”.

Participants in the workshop from the boarding school noted that they have never seen such amount of flowers: “there are many flowers, like at the premiere”. After completing their compositions, the participants expressed a desire to name their works - “April”, “Spring Mood”, “Sunny Spring”, “Spring Rainbow”.

Alexandra: “I will not give my bouquet to anyone. I'll put it in my room and will admire. And I will tell everyone that I made it. Let them also admire”.

Natalia (mother): “The master class was very pleasant, inspiring, really springful. And for people living in the boarding school, this is also the discovery of a new one, a touch of the beauty of nature. Both girls and boys equally enthusiastically made bouquets of fresh flowers and branches. Thank you very much to Julia for her talent and soul bounty!”

Anastasia (volunteer): “Visiting the “Spring Motif” was one of the most enjoyable events of the week. This is an opportunity not only to have a good time and make new acquaintances, but also to get great pleasure thanks to the work with fresh flowers. I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers of this event, as well as to the talented florist Julia, who shared her knowledge and inspiration with us!”


After the completion of the creative compositions of all the participants, a sweet table was waiting for them, at which acquaintance and spiritual communication continued. In total, 47 people took part in the workshops.


Organizational support in conducting creative workshops was provided by the Maria Magdalena Radzіvіl Foundation.


Charity events are timed to coincide with the World Day for Spreading Information on the Problem of Autism – April 2.

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